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Celebrate this joyful season in style! Book a catered boil or pick up our Best Pot To Go. 

Logan Berlin - Outer Banks Boil Company in St Pete Beach
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Logan (co-owner)


we're outer banks boil company and we're taking our acclaimed signature seafood boil and bringing it to st. pete beach!

Take a cruise around our site and find out why we've been dubbed The Best Pot on the Beach!  If you're interested in booking a boil for this season or have any questions, we'd love to chat.


We're Outer Banks Boil Company
ST. Pete Beach!

Dining out in St. Pete beach can be a daunting task. Leaving the beach early, hour long waits for tables, expensive drinks, and mediocre food are just the start! Let Outer Banks Boil Co. solve your dining dilemma with our signature seafood boils. Choose either our at-home catering or one of our pots to-go. Maximize your beach time and enjoy a meal and experience you won't soon forget!

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